Frequently Asked Questions                                                                    

Question Answer
Do you buy junk and salvage vehicles? We are a top buyer of 2000 and newer salvage and junk cars, trucks, vans, and suvs. We pay more than junk/salvage buyers and can arrange pickup from your location. Call 770-482-9500 for a free quote.
Why are U-Pull U-$ave prices so cheap? We have kept overhead to a minimum and we allow you to remove your own parts with your own tools minimizing our labor costs.
Why are there so many safety rules? Your safety is our primary concern. We could not run a self service yard and allow you in the working area if we did not promote the highest degree of safety. For insurance reasons, you must conform to rules and regulations required.
Why do you charge a minimal environmental fee on all purchases? We have to spend a considerable amount of time and money to collect and dispose of hazardous wastes and materials such as tires, batteries, mercury switches, oil, antifreeze and other fluids. We also incur expenses to comply with the EPA to prevent, minimize and clean up any hazardous contaminations.
Why can’t you tell me over the phone or at the counter if you have the part I need? Mostly because of the nature of this unique business. We have no control over what parts get taken off by customers and off which vehicles. It would be virtually impossible to maintain any semblance of an inventory when so many customers are pulling their own parts and we have no control to document them.
Why are many parts missing off some vehicles? We use late model vehicles from our full service facility and rotate over 100 each week. The new arrivals replace the vehicles that have been in the yard the longest..
Why are prices not negotiable? Unlike a regular salvage yard, we discount all our parts considering that they are used parts and also that you are pulling them yourself.
Why are there no cash refunds? We have elected to take return parts back, discard them, and give you an in-store credit for future purchases. This guarantees a sale for our sacrifice of a used part. This way, you are not out any money and both sides win. One simple and fair policy with no exceptions works the best for all.
Why are there core charges? We take our low prices to begin with, and reduce them even lower by the core value of the part and split the part into 2 costs, the part price and the core value, and give you the opportunity to return your “core” for an additional discount. You end up buying the part for the lowest possible price.
Why are toolboxes inspected? For your protection and ours, and to keep prices low. We make sure no customer is allowed in the yard with unsafe tools such as torches, jacks, and pry bars where they could potentially harm themselves accidentally. By inspecting toolboxes as a customer leaves, we minimize the temptation of theft. By keeping theft to a minimum, we can keep our prices low for you. Do not bring any parts in with you because you will be charged for them when you leave.