Cheap Used Tire in Atlanta, GA

S&W Auto Parts is home to Al’s Tire Service Center in Lithonia, near Atlanta, GA. Located on 1826 Lithonia Industrial Blvd., we sell used tire at ridiculously cheap prices. Our used tire inventory includes multiple sizes and grades, so you can be sure you’re getting tires that match your vehicle’s specifications and your expectations. We also offer on-site mounting and balancing services at affordable rates. New inventory is added every day, so check back often for the best selections!

We understand that your main concern with used tires is their quality and durability. You want your car to thrive on the road, and so do we. That’s why we provide used tires that are reliable and high-quality so that you can feel confident in your car’s ability to get from point A to point B safely. Our team will work with you to understand the best tire size and grade for your vehicle in order to ensure that your car is capable of going everywhere you need it to. Speak with Al’s used tire experts to find the best tires for your vehicle and for your driving needs!

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Used Tires To Fit Every Make And Model

Do you need new tires, but can’t afford to pay those high new tire prices? Check out Al’s Used Tire Center in Lithonia, GA to see our wide variety of used tires at rock bottom prices. Located at 1826 Lithonia Industrial Blvd. (same location as U-Pull U-$ave), Al’s Used Tire Center offers all sizes and grades of used tires, as well as offers on-site mounting and balancing services to ensure your tires fit perfectly and your vehicle is driving correctly. Although we don’t offer warranties with each used tire, we carefully inspect each tire with you before you leave the tire center to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. With new inventory added every day, check back often for the best selections of used tires!

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At Al’s Used Tire Center, our team inspects each used tire and is honest about their condition to ensure you feel comfortable with your used tire purchase. We also want you to feel confident in your used tire purchase, so feel free to ask any questions and express any concerns during your visit. 

Here are some tips for buying used tires to help you feel more confident in your purchase:

  • Inspect the tire surface | This is the first step in inspecting a used tire and one of the easiest ways to check to see if a used tire is good or not. The surface of a good used tire should not have excessive cuts and bumps. If a used tire’s surface has consistent cuts and bumps, you may want to use caution when buying this tire, as cuts and bumps often indicate that the tire has been well used. Don’t forget to check the inside surface of the used tire as well. 
  • Inspect the tread depth carefully | Our used tire experts will inspect the tread of the used tires you are purchasing to ensure the tires are capable of traversing the roads you commonly drive on. To check the tread depth on your own, stick a penny in the gap between tread blocks. If the president’s head is covered, the tire is good. If you can see all of the president’s head, you may want to consider a tire with less wear. 
  • Check for the TIN (tire identification number) | The TIN indicates where the tire was made, and when it was made. This will give you more information about the age and quality of the tire. This number should be visible on the sidewall of the tire. The first two numbers indicate the plant where the tire was made and the next four numbers indicate when it was made. If this TIN number is not visible on the tire, ask one of our team members for the information so that you can feel confident in your purchase. 
  • Look for puncture repairs | Many used tires have been repaired for punctures. Depending on how the puncture was repaired determines if the used tire is still good or not. If the tire has had many punctures in the past, and each puncture has been filled in with plugs, you may want to consider a different used tire as there is a possibility for the tires to become punctured in the same spot again. If the punctures have been repaired with a full patch on the inner side as well, you can feel confident that the tire has been repaired correctly to last a long time.

Used Tire Center Services

When you buy used tires at Al’s, ask about our additional on-site tire services that include mounting, balancing, and installation at affordable prices! Each of our additional tire services is provided by Al’s tire experts to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable for you to use. To learn more about our tire services near Atlanta, GA, contact us today! 

Tire Dismount Services

Tire dismounting refers to taking the tire off of the rim. This is typically done when the tire needs to be replaced, repaired, or when the vehicle owner is looking to switch between regular tires and snow tires. Al’s Used Tire Center’s tire dismounting services cost only 5 dollars per tire! 

Tire Patching Services

Tire patches are a great solution for a small hole or puncture in the tire. For holes or punctures that measure less than a quarter-inch in diameter, a tire patch is effective for covering the hole and preventing air from escaping. Depending on the condition of the tire and the size of the hole, tire patches can allow the tire to continue to be used for many years! 

Tire Plugs

A tire plug is another great option for repairing a small hole or puncture in a tire. A tire plug is made from a sicky, expandable material and is pushed into the hole to be adjusted until there is no more air leaking out of the tire. A tire plug will not last as long as a tire patch but is a great option for repairing small punctures near the tread of the tire. 

Tire Valve Stem

A tire’s valve stem is the valve in a vehicle’s wheel where the tires are inflated from. It contains a spring-loaded valve core which seals itself using the air pressure inside of the tire. If the valve stem breaks, or is no longer sealing itself correctly, the tire can be removed and the valve stem replaced manually to ensure the tire is not losing any air.

Tire Rotation Services

A tire rotation service removes each tire and wheel from your vehicle to change them to a different position. Tire rotation services ensure that all tires wear evenly and smoothly. This service should be done every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles. 

Tire Sealing Services

A tire sealant is a fibrous liquid that is meant to coat the inside of your tire and prevent air from escaping after the tire has been punctured. The liquid portion of the tire sealant is carried by the escaping air to the location of the puncture and uses a build-up of fibers to form a flexible plug at the hole. A tire sealant can last for a few years but depends on the condition of the tire and the brand of the tire seal. Consult with one of our tire experts for more information on the durability of your tire seal. 

Tire Disposal

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your old tires, call us! Tires cannot be disposed of like other materials and can take up valuable space in a landfill. Al’s offers tire disposal services so that you can get rid of the tires you no longer use in an easy and environmentally friendly way.

Tire Balancing Services

Tire balancing refers to realigning or replacing the metal weights on the inside of a tire to fix a tire imbalance. New tires have small metal attachments that are clamped to the rim and meant to balance out any imperfections in the tire’s mass distribution. Over time, as a tire’s tread becomes worn down and uneven, these metal weights may fall off and cause an imbalance in the tire’s mass distribution. If your car begins to vibrate when it reaches speeds over 50mph, this may be a sign that your tires need to be rebalanced. 

Tire Mounting Services

To replace your tires with new ones, visit S&W Auto Parts in Lithonia, GA! Here, the Al’s Used Tire Center team can quickly and affordably help you to mount new tires on any vehicle in order to ensure that your car has the tires it needs to drive safely and smoothly.

Used Tire Price List

  • Dismount — $5 
  • Patch — $12
  • Plugs — $7
  • Valve Stem — $5
  • Tire Rotation — $5 per tire
  • Tire Seal — $5 each
  • Tire Disposal — $2 each
  • Tire Balance — $5 per tire
  • Tire Mount — $5 per tire